Our prayers were answered this weekend when Rihanna launched a sale for her luxury fashion line Fenty. While the R&B songstress has other fashion and beauty ventures like Fenty Beauty and Fenty X Savage, Fenty happens to command the highest price point—and rightfully so.

In the height of the pandemic, this is also a time when many fashion companies host spring sales. Many brands have had to find ways to reach customers who are also going though COVID-19 troubles, and Fenty is the latest to take it up a notch by discounting its designer threads by 50 percent. Over the past year, Fenty has released sporadic collections featuring shoes, jewelry, satin dresses, structured blazers and more. Prices vary depending on what style you adore, but can go upwards of over $1,ooo for a pair of pants. Luckily, for those who have had their eye on a piece, now’s your chance to purchase it for the half the price.

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Until May 10, you will be able to shop Fenty for discounted selects. Scroll through a few of our favorite pieces below.