Shop These Spring 2020 Trends From Black Designers
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Last year’s spring fashion trends were a knockout – micro bags, thong-heels and squared toes, feathers and animal print were everywhere. These specific styles have transitioned into cult favorites, and have made it through the fall and into 2020.

For the fashion fanatic, as the anticipation of warm weather builds, so does the craving for the next hot piece. Which of the trends predicted by the spring 2020 runways will sweep street style and social media feeds next? From sweetheart necklines and asymmetrical tops to the women’s take on the waistcoat, options are endless.

Inevitably, many brands will create their own variations of the season’s hottest items. Jacquemeus and Bottega Veneta, both European-owned brands, seemed to have been the go-to’s for last spring’s most sought out pieces. Though the work to create a equal market share between European-owned and minority-owned brands in the fashion industry is nowhere near done, we have seen significant milestones reached that black fashion designers like Virgil Abloh, Kerby-Jean Raymond, and Carly Cushnie have garnered. Last year, all three designers were inducted into the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) board.

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This season, and every season, designs from black designers deserve to be at the forefront. Here are a few trends you’ll want to start shopping for this spring, and the black-owned brands to grab your looks from.


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