How Rickey Thompson Is Staying Sane During Quarantine
Photo: Instagram/@rickeythompson

If there is one person you can count on to make you smile its Rickey Thompson. The bubbly influencer has literally been saving quarantine with hilarious (and relatable) videos. Pre pandemic, Thompson was everywhere. From fashion shows to winning awards, the star was “booked and busy,” as he likes to call it. However like everyone else, when Covid-19 began to worsen, the influencer was stuck at his new pad in Los Angeles. “I have been trying to stay positive. I’m safe, and I’m healthy, that’s all that matters,” Thompson tells ESSENCE.

But even in the past few months when every creative seemingly is out of work, Thompson is still pulling in partnerships.

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For his latest project he partnered with AXE to host a virtual prom this weekend. Seniors across the world have been celebrating their own versions of proms and graduations due to this year’s cancellations. “It was exciting for me because I’ve never got a promposal. I’ve always wanted that moment where someone was asking me to prom,” Thompson exclaimed. Luckily, in this new age of all things digital, talent like Rickey Thompson can host prom events through the computer.

As far as what the influencer is doing to past time during quarantine, one word, Netflix. “I have never watched this much TV before in my whole entire life,” he says. And of course, serving a look even in his home. “I’m dressing up every day. That’s what keeps me sane. Even though you can’t go outside, I still got to be cute, period,” Thompson concluded.


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