Following the announcements of returning back to the fashion calendar including New York Fashion Week this September and in Paris for Fall/Winter 2021/2022, Pyer Moss is continuing to roll out witty content in promotion for the collections to come.

Right before Memorial Day Weekend the brand released a limited short film “Production and Persuasion,” becoming the third installment of its “Always Sold Out” Series . Seemingly mocking the brand’s fast buyer approach to almost anything it puts out, this particular project featured the iconic actress Tracee Ellis Ross – a friend and supporter of the New York based label and its founder Kerby Jean-Raymond. The video follows Ross frantically calling fashion production houses and including of course, her classic humor to bring the video to life.

Prior to this release, the brand released two original short films “Always Sold Out” — A Love Poem by Marika Brown and “Always Sold Out” Part 2 “Think Bigger” — with A Motivational Poem by Evan Williams.

Check out Tracee Ellis Ross star in the third installment of the Pyer Moss, “Always Sold Out” series below.

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