Telfar Is Releasing A New Bag Design

When you hear of breaking news, new fashion drops are probably not top of mind, but this is quite an urgent matter. One of our favorite Black-owned brands, Telfar, is releasing a new bag design. As the brand markets itself as a “brand for everyone”, we’re pretty sure almost everyone has collected at least one Telfar bag or is plotting on purchasing their next. 

However, although Telfar is best known for their signature bag dubbed as the Bushwick Birkin, the brand’s new bag is equally stylish and has already garnered anticipation from the brand’s strong support system. Like most new releases, stylish friends of Telfar were granted the first preview and received the new bag as a gift. Fashion stylist/consultant Amanda Murray, also known as @londongirlinnyc, was one of the first to share the design on social media by giving her followers a preview of her stylish test drive on her Instagram story.

The new design appears as an enlarged version of the brand’s logo, in which the top part of the “TC” logo extends to be used as handles. From photos, the bag seems to be constructed out of leather and noting the brand’s history, it is most likely vegan leather. Per Murray’s posts, the bag can be carried as a clutch by the handles or worn crossbody with the detachable strap.

Follow Telfar’s Instagram to stay up to date on when the bag will officially be available for purchase.


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