17 Iconic Black Fashion Moments In Film
Photo: Instagram/@queenandslim

Black cinema fashion is unmatched. It’s bold, powerful, effortlessly sexy and of course, iconic. As lifelong trendsetters and style chameleons, Black creatives have the ability to effortlessly turn heads whether seen in soft, mild fashion looks or flashy and exuberant pieces.

Style in Black cinema is done with such intention that the wardrobe often breathes life into the characters on screen, and vice versa. Twenty-year-old classics, like Eve’s Bayou, perfectly intertwine delicate Southern style with the story of young girlhood and family tragedy. Meanwhile, present-day projects like 2019’s Queen & Slim boasts a timely storyline and breathtaking imagery, all while being one of the most stylish films to hit the big screen in recent years.

Style trends are born and reborn through characters we’ve come to know and love—and we can’t quite get enough of it. Let’s take a look at 15 iconic style moments from Black characters in cinema.