Daniel Lee Is Leaving Bottega Veneta After Only Three Years

Breaking news: Daniel Lee, the current Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, is leaving the company. What does that exactly mean? In a literal sense, it means that Lee will no longer be designing for the Italian fashion house. But, it also means grab those puddle boots and all of the Bottega bags and heels that you’ve had your eyes on because they won’t be available for sale for too much longer. Lee’s Bottega designs will probably become coveted collectibles and hit the resale market with inflated prices, so if you choose to make an investment now, it could potentially be worth a lot more in the future. 

But why is Lee leaving Bottega after only three years? He undeniably brought a new energy to the fashion house and is responsible for the cultural momentum surrounding Bottega today. Moments like BIA including the lyrics “Fendi on my body, but my feet is in Bottega” on her track “Whole Lotta Money,” and coining the vibrant apple green as Bottega green have brought the brand to forefront. According to the press release announcing Lee’s departure, it was a mutual decision to end the partnership. 

CEO of Bottega Veneta, Lee Rongone, stated in the press release, “I would like to thank Daniel for his dedication to the House over the past three years. The remarkable growth of the brand over the last three years bears testimony to the success of his creative work.” 

Francois-Henri Pessault, Chairman and CEO of Kering (the parent company of Bottega Veneta), shared in the press release, “His singular vision made the House’s heritage relevant for today and put it back to the center of the fashion scene. I would like to personally thank him for the unique chapter he has written in the long history of Bottega Veneta.” 

Daniel Lee, who will be at the CFDA Awards for his International Women’s Designer of the Year nomination, stated in the press release, “My time at Bottega Veneta has been an incredible experience. I am grateful to have worked with an exceptional and talented team and I am forever thankful to everyone who was part of creating our vision.”

Bottega Veneta will announce a new creative head for the House in the near future. 


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