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10 Black Models With Unconventional Smiles

A viral "ANTM" video sparked a debate on the Internet this week.
10 Black Models With Unconventional Smiles
Photo: Instagram/@memu.conteh

Twitter can be a bit much these days. Considering everyone is at home, the Internet has turned into a dark hole that you can’t look away from. Every day there is something to discuss and this week a video from America’s Next Top Model season six surfaced where the judges weighed in on contestant Danielle Evans not wanting to close the gap between her two front teeth.

This video, understandably, has made people question the sincerity of the show and has shed light on the hardships Black models faced in 2006. Although our runways today are filled with melanin (despite if it’s for genuine inclusivity or capital gain), in 2006 there were very few models of color in the industry at all. While White models were twirling with freckles, chic haircuts and gaps, simultaneously Black models had to be perfect. Unconventional beauty wasn’t celebrated for us.

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In the past few years, Slick Woods has dominated the industry with her bold smile while working with brands such as Fenty Beauty, Jeremy Scott and Laquan Smith. Her popularity, along with the constant push for inclusivity in the fashion industry on all spectrums, has allowed more models with unconventional smiles to flourish.

What the small clip on Twitter doesn’t show is Evans and the judges coming to an agreement to keep her gap with a small adjustment. She went on to win season six, and most recently she signed with Elite Model Management at the end of last year.

Scroll below as we celebrate ten Black beauties with unconventional smiles.