This Is Slick Woods Like We’ve Never Seen Her Before
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Slick Woods gave Instagram followers a new reason to fangirl for her beauty when she posted a photo of what appears to be a young(er) version of herself.

We’re used to her as the edgy girl who once walked the runway nine months pregnant, and as the girl who isn’t ashamed to admit that her journey into model stardom once involved living on the streets, and as the beauty who makes a wide crooked gap an enviable beauty mark that somehow looks amazing when paired with neon-colored hair.

In this photo that the model posted over the weekend, she’s sporting long teased out burgundy tresses. She’s still got the same full lips, and the same sinister glare we’ve come to appreciate staring back at us from a major ad campaign. But she looks almost like a baby version of herself, like the beginning days of the fierce model in the making, and it’s adorable.

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Who remembers 😂

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The self-proclaimed backwood slayer only captioned the photo, “Who remembers,” not giving much away to those who aren’t familiar with the pic. And while she appears to have a baby face underneath those longer locks that we’re surprised to see Woods wear, this could have been taken merely a year ago—reconfirming the all too familiar adage that “Black don’t crack.”

Either way, it’s evidence that the 23-year-old beauty has the style, swag, and face to pull off pretty much anything and make us want more.

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