Black Girl Sneaker Influencers Drive The Sneaker Market—Let’s Celebrate Them

You’ve probably heard of Vashtie Kola, Aleali May, Olivia Kim, Melody Ehsani and Sanne Poeze. These women have smashed barriers in the sneaker world—creating ground-breaking collaborations with Jordan, Nike and Reebok just to name a few. Quick Black history fact: Kola was the first woman (including first Black woman) to have a sneaker collaboration with the Jordan brand in 2010. Her rendition of the Jordan 2 model, named “Vashtie Kola Lavender 2,” sent shock waves through the community. It was a riveting moment in time, a moment we want to see more of as countless women sneaker influencers continue to burst onto the scene. However, that was a decade ago. And though we’ve seen a considerable amount of collabs since then, it’s time to up the ante.

Instagram, hate it or love it, has served as a breeding ground for some of the best stylists in the industry. For a culture that had previously thrived through sneaker blogs, Instagram lets you look at your fave in a more personal way.  We can see what she’s wearing, what she’s copping in real time and what she’s had for breakfast—all at once. With the explosion of sneaker culture via social media and the influencers who drive the market, it’s widely recognized that Black women are not shown the love and respect they deserve. By love and respect, we also mean recognition and money. Our ladies, deserve a bag or three.

In March, we highlighted some of our favorite Black women sneakerheads in the game. From @thenotoriousKIA to @melissachanel, these women are constantly turning heads with how they style their shoes. Nevertheless, we need and deserve more! Check out some of my favorite Black women in sneaker culture and what collaboration I think they should spearhead: