Black Girl Sneaker Influencers Stompin’ In Their AF1s
Melissa Chanel, founder of Kicks & Fros

From digital content creator Derria and producer Treya to designer Alice Wheeler and blogger Crys LaJoy, Black girls are definitely demonstrating that we can look bad AF in more than just a pair of heels.

Make no mistake, sneaker culture is Black culture and women from culture curator Scottie Beam to lifestyle and mommy blogger Andrea, also known as Winks and Sneaks, are showing that we can style them in whichever fashion we please. Whether you’re a sneaker lover, sneaker connoisseur or someone looking for their first big girl pair of kicks, this round up is for you.

Scroll below to heck out our list of social media influencers who are styling and profiling in their kicks all up and down our TL’s.