Jewelry Designer Bernard James Presents His Latest: The Mirror Collection
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When it comes to wearing jewelry, there are those everyday pieces that we may never take off and the others that come out of the box for special occasions. However, both connect the wearer to a form of emotion, a moment in time or even another person. Designer Bernard James thoroughly understands how personal jewelry can be as he designs with an intimate and individualized approach. His latest delivery, ‘The Mirror Collection’, inspires one to reflect on their identity and see themselves connected to a larger community through fine jewelry.

The brand’s recent release of Family Portraits, an annual project that features the community surrounding Bernard, was the perfect roll out to lead to this collection’s release as it was inspired by self-reflection and finding oneself within a community. “I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of identity and understanding what defines us as individuals. I wanted to create a symbol or motif to represent that,” said James. Each piece is refined and subtly designed with profound details giving the classic silhouettes that stand-out factor. For instance, a number of pieces from the assortment were intentionally embossed with Bernard’s mirror pattern. “The pattern resembles a broken mirror which can be perceived as chaotic but there’s a beauty in that conflict, and I want to continue to explore that with this collection,” he explained. 

Bernard is a proud Brooklyn-native and keeping the brand’s manufacturing in New York City is one of its key business principles, which has allowed his team to grow close with the city’s artisans and to contribute to keeping local factories running. Each piece is handcrafted in The Big Apple with fine metals including solid sterling silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, and genuine leather – maintaining a high level of quality and craftsmanship.

Seven years of thoughtfulness and real life experiences is what it took to share the exquisite final product. The Mirror Collection is an assortment of earrings, bangles, necklaces, and rings in a range of multiple sizes, widths, and lengths. Some of the pieces are etched with the mirror pattern creating the perfect surface to pleasantly reflect light at all angles. Three items spotlight beautifully attached gems, including sapphire and emerald, that catch natural alluring hues in the light.

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The collection is available for purchase on – shop our favorites from the assortment below.