ROY G BIV. Remember that? The colors of the rainbow, which are not associated with winter necessarily, but certainly linked to hope, smiles and good fortune.

So now that we’re out of the house again, let’s channel that hope, encourage a smile, see things in a bright new way…with a vibrant overcoat.  I’m not asking you to get rid of your midnight or camel-colored coats, but rather to expand your outerwear game to brighter pastures. The brilliant options in this story not only made me smile but they took me back to President Biden’s Inauguration and all the vivid cloth coats that made every Inaugural fashion gallery the next day: including Amanda Gorman in yellow, Vice President Harris in indigo, Michelle Obama in plum, Dr. Biden in aqua, her granddaughter in pink. That was certainly a day of hope, and in my opinion the striking cloth coat colors reflected that energy. I say all this to say: It’s been a tough year.

Winter is coming and we need all the cheer we can get. What’s your favorite rainbow bright? That’s the color of your new coat.