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This month on Netflix superstars are taking a dive, heartthrobs are embracing their villainy, and sisterhood is being put to the test. 

Major talents are also branching out from behind the camera as one of the biggest actors in the game proves she can tell a story using more than one set of skills. 

Find out the origins of the Black Yeehaw agenda by time traveling to a period where outlaws reigned in a story based on real Black historical figures

Settle in and enjoy Ice Cube perfecting that grumpy expression we love so much. Join girlfriends finding their way to true happiness hand-in-hand. See a young royal rise to the occasion to defend her homeland. 

Follow a fallen musician as his life takes an unexpected turn or tag along with The Rock and his imaginary badge on another mission that reminds us why he will always be booked and busy.  

Scroll below to see what’s new and Black on the streaming service this month.


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