Before conservatives were whining about “WAP,” Tweet was shaking the table with her classic “Oops (Oh My).” But while many assumed the song was about solo sexuality, the singer set the record straight during a Facebook Live session with ESSENCE. 

“A lot of people would have thought, well, they thought it was about something else,” she told Associate Beauty Editor Shalwah Evans

The Southern Hummingbird singer said she wasn’t upset by the public’s assumptions about the track.

“But I give people freedom to think and create whatever definition they want,” she added. “But for me, the song meant self-love and appreciation.” 

She revealed that the origin of the track was actually a moment she witnessed on a daily talk show. 

“I remember watching a show—I think it was Oprah, Donahue or Sally Jesse whoever… And the doctor on there talked about everyone in life needs to get in front of the camera or the mirror and love everything about themselves without wanting to change anything. That’s where that song comes from,” she continued. 

“But I know a lot of people think it’s about something else,” she added. “That’s okay too.” 

Tweet has been working on new music. Her single “Never Felt This Way” explores what happens when you find a person who loves the you you have become, flaws and all. 

“This song was birthed out of finally meeting someone who showed me what unconditional love felt like. That loved me despite of me being broken, despite of me not being completely healed yet, despite of me being a little angry at times,” she said. 

The artist praises the person who inspired her for seeing her potential. 

“They saw me where I was going and not only where I was. That takes unconditional love.” 

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