Cardi B’s Chain Link Ponytail In The ‘WAP’ Video Is Everything
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Tokyo Stylez, we need answers.

As many of us are still struggling to get our hair together at home on our own, Cardi B just shut the game down, reminding us just how valuable an experience it is to have a professional stylist bless your tresses.

Yesterday, the rapper dropped the video for her single “WAP” which features fellow rapper and twerk sister Megan Thee Stallion. And the only thing that had us gasping more than the song’s lyrics was Cardi’s incredibly creative chain link ponytail, custom made by stylist Tokyo Stylez. It’s a true hair masterpiece if we’ve ever seen one.

The gag-worthy do took the exaggerated ponytail trend to the next level. With hair from Mo Length (how fitting), Stylez created something that we couldn’t take our eyes off of—even in the presence of Cardi’s pasty covered breasts.

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It’s a scroll-stopping look that’s sure to start a new trend. Fellow hairstylists, including Larry Sims, Alonzo Arnold and Ray Christopher, were quick to give Stylez her flowers over Instagram, which we love to see.

She simply responded with a humble, “Thanks so much y’all fr fr.” Now we’re just waiting on her to let us know when we can get ours.


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