It has been a long and troubling week for Ray J. After reports surfaced that the singer and reality star had been hospitalized in Miami due to a bout with pneumonia, it was soon revealed that he had filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Princess Love. 

Ray J’s manager confirmed his hospitalization to People last evening, assuring fans that though the star’s condition is serious enough for prolonged hospitalization, there is no indication that his illness is life-threatening.

Though the 40-year-old was reportedly initially placed in the hospital’s COVID unit for treatment, his manager stresses that he does not have COVID-19.

“They gave him multiple COVID tests, and he tested negative for all of them,” Ray J’s manager David Weintraub told People. “He’s in the hospital for pneumonia, but it’s not the contagious kind. [Medical staff] wanted to keep him there a couple of extra days to watch him.”

Just as that news hit fans, multiple reports surfaced that Ray J and his wife Princess are now exploring the option of divorce for the third time. The couple, married in 2016, has split and reconciled numerous times over the course of their union.

Princess Love filed for divorce in May 2020 after the couple had a very public falling out over Ray J allegedly leaving her and their child stranded in Las Vegas after an argument. She filed to have the request dismissed two months later. Ray J logged his own divorce filing in September of the same year, with the pair requesting a dismissal just last February.

The couple shares two children, 3-year-old daughter Melody Love and 1-year-old son Epik Ray

Princess Love has provided no public statement on her husband’s health nor their pending divorce. However, Ray J released a statement thanking fans for their support and assuring them that he will be back in good health and spirits very soon. 

“I appreciate all the love and support from everybody. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, and I will be back up and running soon .”

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