“Down in the valley where girls get naked…”

We’ll be able to sing our favorite theme song again very soon as it was recently announced that the Starz hit P Valley will be returning to our screens for a second season beginning June 3. 

The show’s heart-tugging storylines, dynamic characters, and funny quips enraptured the nation in its inaugural season. It’s safe to say that their more than a year’s absence from our living rooms was painful for viewers. The team at Essence is no exception. 

They weighed in on the characters they love, favorite moments from the show and what they are looking forward to seeing in season 2. 

On why they share a connection with their favorite characters 

Set in a fictional town based in Mississippi, the show offers a look beyond the pole of a strip club known as the Pynk. As you can imagine, the employees there all have their own story, each one more interesting than the last. From the owner, security, and of course the dancers, every character is filled with mystery and intrigue, but all have hearts of gold. Because of their relatable story arcs, viewers quickly latched onto the cast and claimed their favorites.  

The standout is Uncle Clifford (Nicco Anaan), the lovable owner who’s not only  responsible for keeping the club afloat, but manages the emotions of its dancers. 

“Uncle Clifford is my favorite because he’s a caregiver that deserves the same amount of love and effort he puts out,” said Bry’onna Mention, Essence’s News & Culture Editor. “He genuinely cares about the well-being of all the employees (his real family) down at the Pynk. He’s enterprising, stylish, and funny. ” 

Uncle Clifford’s love interest, aspiring rapper Lil Murda, played by actor J. Alphonse Nicholson, is another star that the viewers grew to love. 

Although the relationship ended in episode 108,  we loved to watch his solo character development as the season progressed. 

“I enjoyed watching Lil Murda the most because he plays a complex character that has many interesting layers,” shared Tiffany Johnson, Digital Account Associate with Essence.  Essence’s Marketing Manager Tori Jackson adds “Lil Murda is a character most of us have never seen represented on TV before,” she thoughtfully noted. “He is complex and so much more than what meets the eye.” 

Much like on the show, Brandee Evans, who plays Mercedes, the ambitious HBIC dancer at The Pynk stole the show as soon as she came onscreen. 

“Mercedes is definitely my favorite, because she’s talented and ambitious,” said Yazmin Ramos, Essence’s Supervising Producer of Video. “I love that she takes care of the women at P-Valley and she’s driven to accomplish her goals.” 

On Their Favorite Moments From The Show 

P Valley garnered a cult following for not only the hilarious one-liners its characters deliver in every episode, but viewers gravitate toward the complex story arcs. From Autumn’s (Elarica Johnson)  mysterious past to Mercedes’s complicated relationship with her mother, it’s safe to say we’re all invested in the drama. 

“The most standout moment for me was when Mercedes’s mom betrayed her, and she finally got her retribution… I literally couldn’t believe her Mom did that,” shared Tamish Bates, a Marketing Manager with Essence. 

Another highly talked about scene in season 1  was when Keyshawn,  AKA Mississippi at the Pynk (played by actress Shannon Thornton), commanded the stage after taking over for Mercedes. 

“My favorite moment was when Miss Mississippi hit the pole on episode 4,” said Ramos. “Jaw dropping! She’s may be little but she has big moves. It’s giving moneyyyyy!” 

Conversely, one of the most heartbreaking scenes depict Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford’s complicated relationship reaching a boiling point. 

Jackson agrees. “When Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford broke up… I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen a relationship like theirs on a TV show and shared in such an authentic, emotional and heartfelt way,” she said. 

On what they are looking forward to seeing in season 2

The internet was set ablaze when our beloved Pynk posse dropped the announcement that they were returning, mostly because there were so many unanswered questions in the season 1 finale. 

“I want to know what’s going on with the Pynk after Autumn bought it,” Jackson said, referring to the moment viewers watched one of the key dancers save the club from financial ruin. “I feel like I have no idea what’s next and I’m excited to find out!” 

Viewers are also rooting for their favorite couple in season 2. 

“I’m interested to see more stolen moments between Uncle Clifford & Lil Murda,” said Mention. 

As much as we are interested in watching how our favorites’ stories unfold, we also learned there are new characters with their own tales  as well. 

“ I’m really excited to see the new characters that are going to be introduced on the show–I think it’s going to be good,” said Johnson. 

Same sis, same. 

Be sure to put your heels on and tune into Starz on June 3 for the return of P Valley.