P-Valley fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as the return of their beloved down & dirty strip club drama series is finally on the horizon.

After a nearly two-year hiatus, the hit Starz series is on the tail end of production for season 2, and is slated to hit streaming and premium network TV this June.

The cast took to social media to tease the upcoming season for the rabid fans of the goings-on inside and around the Chucalissa, Mississippi shake joint known as “The Pynk.”

“Y’all ready?” actor Nicco Annnan asks, dressed as his character Uncle Clifford. “We waned the Pynk Posse to hear it first. So P-Valley Season 2 is on the way,” actors Brandee Evans, Elarica Johnson, Shannon Thornton, J. Alphonse Nicholson, and Parker Sawyers chimed in.

Season 1 of P-Valley premiered on July 12, 2020, while the world was still in the beginning stages of the pandemic and millions were relegated to home viewing and binging movies and series. The show debuted to nearly 300,000 viewers, doubling its live viewership by the end of the season, with millions more tuning in over streaming weekly.

The show follows the journey of Autumn Night, a mysterious woman who breezes into town with nothing but a Louis Vuitton bag, a pair of Louboutins, and a mountain of secrets. There she runs into Uncle Clifford, the owner of a local dive bar/strip club handed down their family for generations and Mercedes, a dancer with big dreams beyond The Pynk but family obstacles in her way. With a lump sum of money to her name and ties to shady forces back home, Autumn has to learn to lean on the new community around her.

In addition to fan-favorite characters, actresses Gail Bean and Psalms Salazar will join the cast as two new dancers, Roulette and Whisper, respectively, ready to shake things up at the already raucous dive.

Take a look at the announcement below: