Rule number one of The Pynk: Let the stage be your stepping stone, not your tombstone.

Last night’s finale of Starz’s P-Valley, the buzzy summer series about the complicated lives of exotic dancers created by award-winning playwright Katori Hall, left audiences wanting more from the characters they have watched break and breakthrough the first season. (We know you’ll get that dance studio one day Mercedes!) The last episode answered many burning questions: Who was Autumn running away from? Why Keyshawn wouldn’t leave her abusive relationship? And ultimately, would Uncle Clifford—played brilliantly by Nicco Annan—save The Pynk from the money grubbing hands of Mayor Ruffin and the Kyle Brothers?

Many dark truths about the people who work at Chucalissa’s finest establishment came into the light. But one thing has been left hanging to unpack: Who was killed in the Champagne room?

With that nail-biting cliffhanger, waiting until season two feels too much like forever. Thankfully costar Nicco Annan turned forever into today. Yes, Girl! podcast cohosts Cori Murray and Charli Penn spoke with him about all the things that went down at The Pynk, including fans reaction the season one, Uncle Clifford’s and Lil Murda’s love story, and the blessings of having a chosen family. Watch the conversation below.

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