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Method Man is back in the courtroom and pulling strings behind the scenes on season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost on Starz. Fans who watched last night’s premiere can tell they’re already in for a wild ride with this cast of characters as the story of Tariq St. Patrick’s collegiate experience continues.

Meth, under his birth name Cliff Smith, portrays Davis MacLean, the high-priced defense attorney with his own set of agendas that is helping the St. Patrick family with their legal affairs in the wake of Ghost’s death and the trial of Tasha. It’s a far cry from his typical acting roles as a marijuana-puffing gangster or streetwise OG. But Meth says the role is a welcome challenge.

“It’s fun, challenging,” he says of bringing Davis to life. “I mean, I’ve done all that gangster stuff to get to this point. I’m very happy that Starz and Courtney (Kemp) and 50 gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, and hopefully, I did it justice.” 

He notes that in a universe as sprawling as Power’s is, with as many cast members as there are across properties, it’s a privilege to have his own unique storyline. Thankfully for him, Davis’ story is getting expanded this season, with a little help from Meth’s long-time collaborator. When asked what’s coming up for Davis this year, Meth is visibly excited.

“Not too many twists, but a lot of turns,” he says of what’s coming for Davis. “As people already know, Redman is coming on to play my brother on the show, which is great because now we see that Davis has a backstory, he does have a life outside of Tariq and the courtroom and Saxe, and I love how they’re exploring that.”

Redman portrays Theo Rollins, the incarcerated brother of Davis that he’s devising a plan to get out. Having teamed up on everything from hip hop projects, tours, prank shows, and comedy films like How High since their 20’s, Redman and Method Man linking up for a dramatic series now in their 50’s is still second nature.

“We’ve worked so much together, it’s like clockwork,” he said of working with Redman. “We can basically finish each other’s sentences, so Courtney knew what she was doing when she brought us both together. She wanted instant chemistry, and she got it.” 

Speaking of chemistry, Meth had a number of steamy love scenes in the show’s first season. It’s a departure for the actor and a light fans are not used to seeing him in. However, Meth says he had no bashfulness when it came time to create a sexual illusion for the screen.

“I don’t get nervous about it. My body looks great at 50, man. I’m pretty cut, you know? Humbly speaking,” he said. But when it comes to if he’ll be bearing it all and hitting the sheets again this season, he played a bit coy on sharing details. 

“I’ll just have to leave that open right now. If the fans request it, I’m pretty sure. The Power team keeps their ears to the streets and a lot of times fan input makes a lot of sense and it makes it into the show. So, you never know.”

As for his co-stars, Meth has nothing but positive praises to share. He says he’s most excited for fans to watch his character interactions with one of the show’s main villains. 

“[I’m excited for fans to see] the relationship between myself and Cooper Saxe,” he said. “I love working with Shane (Johnson), he’s fantastic.”

When asked if he’s able to provide mentorship for the show’s young cast as an industry vet – a highlight for costars like Michael Rainey, Jr. and Gianni Paolo – he says he gives support wherever it’s needed, though he jokes that he’s immature himself. 

“Hell no. I’m the most immature person on that set,” he joked. “If you know anything about Michael, he’s a very old soul. He carries himself very well. He has a great support system, as well as us. He’s our number one on the call sheet and all of us are stacked up behind him 110%.” 

Season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost airs on Sundays on Starz.

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