Watch #InMyFeed: ESSENCE Editors Break Down Brett Kavanaugh's Lies and 'Insecure's' Take On Mental Health

Welcome to #InMyFeed, ESSENCE’s daily digital show that offers you a cheat sheet of the hottest topics already on your timeline. On this episode, we tackle men behaving badly. Seriously, what else is new? From Brett Kavanaugh’s consistent and almost impressive denial of everything from his drinking to his sexual misconduct to Kanye West wanting to make amendments to the 13th amendment (Seriously y’all, he called it “slavery in disguise”) to HBO’s Insecure bringing back the ghost of Nathan past with some heavy mental health baggage in tow, there’s no shortage of salacious stories to click through. Check out the video above, so that you can get up to speed for some afternoon water cooler chats. Here’s what’s #InMyFeed!