The Carters are a cuteness overload, dripping in diamonds in their latest installment of their Tiffany & Co. About Love campaign series. 

The newest clip, entitled Date Night, finds Beyoncé picking petals from a large yellow mum in classic “he loves me, he loves me not” fashion while being chauffeured around New York City in a classic Rolls Royce Phantom. She dons a bold red lip, blonde updo, a black v-neck dress, and white, mirror-lens Louis Vuitton millionaire sunglasses. 

After asking her chauffeur Monty to pull over, she picks up a dapper Jay-Z, decked out in a black tuxedo, adorned with a Tiffany & Co, Jean Schlumberger bird on a rock brooch. The couple shares an intimate giggle before deciding to share a slice of pizza. Soon, they realize that the occasion also calls for champagne. A bottle is handed to them through the window, and they share a toast in Tiffany crystal champagne flutes.

The camera suddenly pulls back to reveal that they’re on a soundstage, with a green screen providing views of old New York through their window. Their 9-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter joins her parents on set, first “running behind” the car to laughs from her parents before joining them inside to pet the puppy and playfully wiggle her eyeglasses. 

The short film culminates in intimate black and white scenes of the pair intertwining their hands, showing off huge Tiffany diamonds on each of their ring fingers, leaning on one another while singing along to Paul Anka’s Put your Head on my Shoulder, before culminating in a romantic kiss. Beyoncé then writes “fin” on clear glass in front of them to signify Date Night’s end. 

The bonus film was directed by Dikayl Rimmasch and second unit director Derek Milton, and much like its predecessor carries heavy callbacks to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s aesthetic. 

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