Beyoncé And Her Latest Outfits Take Over Instagram

“World STOP!” – those are the exact words playing in our mind any time Beyoncé posts on Instagram. While most celebrities have joined the general population online in sharing their day-to-day lives giving fans an intimate glimpse, Queen Bey remains the quintessential celebrity with her very curated content featuring her latest released work and outfits of the day. And although we may not get to see what a day in the life of Beyoncé is really like (for good reason), the content is still gag-worthy and her outfits are too — leaving us to believe she really wakes up like this.

For most, an OOTD post is usually just that — the outfit of the day. However, for the most-nominated female artist in Grammy history, she may post up to three outfits in one day. Last week, she shared three different outfits with three different hairstyles, and they could have all been worn on the same day (I mean, it’s Beyoncé) or from three different days (who really knows?).

When it comes to Queen Bey’s outfits, they are more than likely 1 of 1. Some of her latest looks have been accessorized with campy handbags like this bedazzled watermelon or the martini on a chain. But, one of our favorites was her most recent ensemble – a custom Dolce & Gabbana dress printed with a beautiful Italian-esque pattern, paired with an antique vase covered in jewels and pearls that she carried as a handbag and the most beautiful Lorraine Schwartz Double Row diamond necklace, Lorraine Schwartz white jade diamond earrings and a diamond ring. Below, we’ve gathered the rest of her stunning looks – take a peek!


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