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Black-Owned Beauty Products To Hydrate Your Skin This Fall

For the face and body.
Black-Owned Beauty Products To Hydrate Your Skin This Fall

September is here, which means fall, and its cooler temperatures are right around the corner. While the season brings out nature’s beauty with its changing colors and favorable fashion weather, we also want to ensure your skin is prepped to enjoy it to the fullest. To help carry that summer glow, we’ve gathered our go-to hydrating products from some of our favorite beauty founders.

There are a few inevitable elements that come with the fall that tend to make the skin drier and strip its layer of natural moisture, but there are also definite steps we can take to compensate. Dead skin cells may build up more frequently, so lightly exfoliating the skin throughout the week will set an optimal foundation for hydrated skin. Thorough moisturization will help your skin maintain a soft and smooth texture. To promote strong layers and moisture retention, we recommend using hydrating cleansers, body butters, thicker creams, and layering techniques. And although the weather may be cooler, your skin will still rely on SPF/suncare protection to protect it from the rays of the sun. To take some of the load off your shoulders, we created a one-stop shop for everything that you will need.

Ahead, discover our favorite Black-owned products that will keep your skin hydrated this fall.