We thought when Yvonne Orji met her TV doppelgänger, Jill Marie Jones, it was the epic encounter of all epic encounters, but obviously we thought wrong.

Yvonne Orji‘s recent “interview” with Insecure‘s very own Molly Carter takes the cake, for sure. Orji put in double the work to play herself and Molly for a hilarious (and clever!) short that was posted on Instagram. The short was directed by none other than her costar Jay Ellis.

And just in case you were wondering, the shade was most definitely real between Orji and her fictitious character. “They can miss me with all that hate…sticks and stones, sticks and stones,” Molly said of her Internet naysayers.

“I really think it’s funny how people forget how loyal of a friend I’ve been. People don’t remember Malibu?” Molly asks. “Daniel showed up at the mixer. Who was there to run an interference?” 

Orji also asked Molly a few questions that needed answers, like whom would she bang, marry and kill out of the guys she’s dated. And the answers were hilarious, to say the least, before noting that she’d of course marry “Asian Bae” Andrew.

If you haven’t watched this hilarious six-minute encounter yet, it will definitely make you appreciate why Orji is up for a well-deserved Emmy nomination—which they celebrate over a glass of bubbly at the end.


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