Bergdorf Goodman Promises To Investigate After Wendy Williams Claims She And Nene Leakes Were Followed
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Bergdorf Goodman is now opening an investigation after Wendy Williams spoke about an alleged shopping while Black incident on her eponymous talk show earlier this week.

The talk show host told viewers Monday that she along with Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Nene Leakes and Marlo Hampton were followed around Bergdorf Goodman by security on a recent ultra glamorous shopping trip in New York City.

Williams said Leakes and Hampton were in the Big Apple to promote Real Housewives of Atlanta at several press outlets, including ESSENCE, throughout the week. The two reached out to do some self-care.

“Nene sent her car. The car picked me up [and] dropped me off at Bergdorf. The girls were waiting. This is like a glamour suite they have at Bergdorf,” Williams recalled. “We each had a sales girl. We gave them each of our sizes. They’re fetching stuff…Nene bought a handful of gowns. Marlo charged a whole bunch of stuff.”

“We not just shopped, we went upstairs and had lunch—the whole bit. The three of us take over. And can I tell you something about security. They treated us like ‘the hood’ that they treat us,” she revealed.

The talk show host then extended her brown hand towards the camera and rubbed the back of it to make it clear she felt security’s actions were racially motivated.

“Yup and that’s alls I’m gonna say,” she added. 

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Visibly disappointed by the experience, Williams left viewers with a few more thoughts on the incident. 

“You can earn what you want. You can do what you want, but when you are what you are, you better not be surprised about how people treat you. We were followed like we were about to do something,” she added.

Williams walked the incident back on Wednesday’s show, claiming that she had a good time in the store, even getting freebies, but was told by Hampton upon leaving that the trio were allegedly followed.

In a statement released Wednesday night, a Bergdorf Goodman spokesperson told ESSENCE: “Bergdorf Goodman and its parent company Neiman Marcus Group are committed to ensuring that all shoppers, guests, and employees are treated with respect and dignity in a safe and secure shopping environment. Our policies strictly prohibit profiling of any kind, and any claims will be thoroughly investigated.”


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