Watch #InMyFeed: Can We Talk About Pooch Hall's Questionable Behavior and Bette Midler's Reckless Tweet?

Pooch, man are you okay?
Today’s news rundown will leave you really shaking your head. First things first, actor Pooch Hall’s social media mentions are in shambles after news broke that he was arrested and charged with DUI and child endangerment in Los Angeles yesterday. While driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level of .25, and his two-year-old son at the wheel, Hall was spotted swerving and eventually crashed into a street pole. Fans are shocked and outraged and his reckless behavior. Bette Midler is in hot water after a tweet that left many Black people, especially Black women. After being outraged over the FBI’s swift Kavanaugh testimony, Midler tweeted “women are the N-word of the world.” Midler later apologized and deleted the tweet, but not before Black women spoke out about how problematic her words truly were. Ready for a little weekend motivation? We’ve all been waiting on The Hate U Give to hit theaters and the time has finally come. Star Russell Hornsby gave us a lesson in manifestation that you need to read right now.