Tyler Perry has confirmed that there was “no foul play” in the death of his nephew Gavin Porter.

The filmmaker ordered a second autopsy following the passing of his nephew after Porter was found dead in his cell. Porter was serving a 20-year sentence in prison for the shooting and killing of his father, Gary Wayne Porter.

Perry announced that he’d sought a second autopsy in a statement following his nephew’s passing, saying, “Three days ago, I got the horrible news that he allegedly committed suicide in prison. I say allegedly because, unfortunately, our criminal justice system and prisons have been notorious for cover-ups and/or getting it wrong. With that in mind, I have hired Dr. Michael Baden to do a second autopsy, and we are expecting the results soon.”

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On Friday, the director shared the results of the autopsy, confirming that Porter had died by suicide.

“I spoke with Dr. Michael Baden today after he finished the autopsy on my nephew,” Perry shared. “I was relieved to hear that he is 98% sure that there was no foul play in his death, just as Sheriff Gates stated. Answers don’t take away grief, but they surely give room for grieving to take its course.”

Our thoughts are with Perry and his family during this difficult time.


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