Robin Givens has receipts.

The veteran actress has not only starred in major film and television productions, she came up under legends all while studying at Sarah Lawrence College when most girls her age were starting high school.

Still, when the Ambitions actress stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast recently to discuss her career, she also shed light on how she got started in the industry. Her path to unintentional notoriety began with a stint in the iconic film, The Wiz, as a kid.

“They kind of came to my neighborhood and they were wondering what kids could ride a skateboard,” she began, “…and we got to go to rehearsal and we’re with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Givens said one set rule stood out in her memory: “They said, ‘Don’t ask for pictures,'” Givens recalled.

Looking back, the actress said that she couldn’t believe how much freedom she had as a young actor in the city.

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“I was in this graffiti scene and I remember taking the subway to get there. Something…I would never let my children do,” she admitted. “I was like, what the heck were you thinking…I was getting lost.”

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Faulty sense of direction aside, Givens revealed that her early professional experiences were “priceless.”

One of those moments included being in awe of the late King of Pop, who passed away in 2009.

“I remember being at rehearsal and eating lunch and there’s Michael Jackson and I’d…take a Polaroid with Michael Jackson,” she said, cherishing the memory.

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