11 Photos Of New Parents-To-Be Eve And Maximillion Cooper Living Their Best Jet-Setting Life

Actress and rapper Eve celebrated her 43rd birthday this week, and while she could have had a party or a big dinner, she celebrated in a low-key way with two of the most important people in her life: her husband and her baby on the way.

The Queens star went for a walk in the English countryside with her husband, Maximillion and cradled her baby bump, hashtagging photos of their laid back outing “#bestbirthdayever.” She looked at peace in the moments, and like she’s living her best life now that she has everything she’s wanted — including the chance to spend time at the gorgeous Newt in Somerset hotel and estate.

The photo of her side by side with Max reminded us of many a photo we’ve seen them take in the past while enjoying serene, incredible surroundings all over the world. When we scrolled through Eve’s Instagram we realized, she and her hubby, the man behind the international celebrity motor rally Gumball 3000, have been everywhere. Marrakesh, Sydney, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Cairo — you name it, they’ve visited and been there in style. We love some travel inspiration, and get plenty of it from Eve’s social media. We also find joy in seeing people in love. To enjoy both, check out some photos of this happy couple living their best jet-setting life. They’ll probably have to put their big trips on hold as they prepare for their baby (she’s already taken a break from filming Queens to go on maternity leave), but they’ve had plenty of fun over the years to hold them over for now. See just a few of their fab getaways and insane views below.


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