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Diddy's Kids Star In Cute Coach Holiday Ad That Pays Homage To 'Family Matters'

The 'Combs Cartel' as Diddy labeled the family business that prioritizes opportunities for his kids, is in full effect. Check out the creative campaign ad!
Diddy’s Kids Star In Cute Coach Holiday Ad That Pays Homage To ‘Family Matters’
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Diddy’s kids (minus Justin and Christian this time) are the faces of a new, very creative holiday ad for Coach. Not only are they showing off the brand’s latest offerings, but they’re also flexing their acting chops.

Twins Jessie and D’Lila joined sister Chance and big brother Quincy to do a play on the classic ’90s sitcom Family Matters. In “Coach Matters,” the siblings give out Christmas gifts while showcasing their comedic talents. They even have Quincy play a Steve Urkel-inspired character. And while Quincy already has experience acting, most recently appearing on the Starz hit, Power Book III: Raising Kanaan, his sisters are new to acting, but manage to do an amazing job.

The girls are gaining more exposure in the industry these days by most recently being runway models for Dolce and Gabbana and now, being sought-after commercial models for this beloved American fashion and luxury accessories brand.

When they’re not doing that, the girls are studying as freshman in high school, with the twins having participated in the cheerleading squad and three young ladies attending their first homecoming dance recently. They’re balancing the normal teenage pursuits with the pursuit of their passions. As Diddy previously shared, he’s been trying to show his kids the ropes in the industry, setting them up so they can build names and careers for themselves.

“We’re really focused on our plan after this. Taking time to really ask the girls and ask the kids really what they want to do,” he said last year. “We formed a company called Combs Cartel, which is our family business and a lot of their projects will go underneath that. But, we’re trying to really just plan and see what we want to take to the next step as a family.”

He added, “Losing Kim and now being a single father of six, my thinking had to change. I had to really get focused on their futures, ‘cause I know how rough it is out there.’”

Their futures are looking bright, especially with campaigns like this one for Coach offering them more exposure and opportunities. We love to see it.