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These Sisley Paris Face Masks Actually Work And Smell Amazing

Carefully formulated and naturally scented.
These Sisley Paris Face Masks Promote Healthy Skin And Smell Amazing
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When it comes to skincare products, I would usually steer away from fragranced products as they can cause skin irritation — especially for those with sensitive skin. However, after diving deeper into the realm of skincare and paying close attention to the ingredients list and product formulas, I’ve learned that not all scented skincare products are prone to be harsh. The simplest way to describe the key difference is the comparison between artificially-flavored food and drinks to naturally-flavored food and drinks. Basically, it’s safer to use a skincare product that’s infused with actual roses rather than to use a product that was formulated with potent chemicals to allude a rose’s essence.

Sisley Paris’s face masks are not only packed with ingredients to promote healthy, clear skin, they are also infused with natural elements that create a pleasant, sensual experience.  Whether you’re looking to brighten, tone, exfoliate or deep cleanse, the half-century old beauty brand uses olfactory creativity to elevate the skincare experience. Some of the key ingredients found in the brand’s face mask line includes linden tree blossoms, saffron flower extract and lavender.

Ahead, shop a selection of our favorite face masks from Sisley Paris and discover their skincare benefits.