9 Super Gentle Moisturizers That Are A Perfect Match For Sensitive Skin

Anyone with easily irritated skin knows the struggle of finding a moisturizer that won't clog the pores or worse--lead to more problems, such as redness, random breakouts and excess oil production. If you fall into this category, get hip to some of the best gentle formulas out today. 

Nikki Brown Jul, 19, 2017

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Formulated with the powerful antioxidant combination of Blackberry Fruit and Four Organic Rose Stem Cell Extracts, this soothing cream locks in moisture and provides protection against the elements. 

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If you're willing to dish out a little extra cash, this cult favorite balm is the ultimate cure for sunburned, irritated or plain old problematic skin. Its hero ingredient is Tamanu oil, an Indonesian therapy that speeds up the healing process. 

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This hypoallergenic moisturizer is formulated with the extract of edelweiss, a flower from the Swiss Alps that withstand extreme weather, as well as imperatoria, a wildflower that provides anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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This new cream is jam packed with vitamins C, E, B5, revitalizing minerals and lemon + orange fruit extracts to rapidly recharge the skin, minimize signs of tiredness and leave skin feeling soft.

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This best-selling cream is suitable for all skin types, but those who fall on the sensitive side of the spectrum will be happy to know this moisturizer is packed with vitamin E, which prevents cell damage without clogging the pores. 

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This new moisturizer uses Japanese onsen water to reduce redness and irritation, all while minimizing pores to block breakouts. 

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A trifecta of superfoods work together provide lightweight moisture to the skin without using any common harmful ingredients (parabens, sulfates, phthalates). 

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Say goodbye to greasy skin with this lightweight moisturizer than can double as a mattifying primer for your summer makeup. 

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This drugstore favorite is gentle enough for everyday use and NSF certified organic, meaning it contains no no harsh chemicals. 

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