If you’ve been keeping up with the latest beauty trends on TikTok, then you may have noticed that lymphatic massages have become one of the greatest facial miracles that have proven results. 

Allow us to clue you in on lymphatic massages if you’re not familiar with them. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels, and organs that work collaboratively to transport lymph (a colorless, watery fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. The lymphatic system, unlike the heart, does not have its own pumping mechanism. Instead, it is propelled by healthy muscle and joint movements.

“The lymphatic drainage system is a significant part of our immune system,” says professional esthetician, Joomee Song. “It directly addresses our blood circulation and helps pump out excess body fluids, absorb fats from the digestive tracts, and destroys unwanted bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi to maintain a healthy immune ecosystem.” 

Song, the owner, and CEO of Faceworks Inc., recently chatted with ESSENCE to explain why lymphatic massages are more than just a trend and why we all should be adding it into our self-care regimen. 

Ahead, find out what the esthetician told us about the DIY method for the perfect facial. 

Myth Busters 

“Lymphatic massage is not solely for beauty purposes,” she says. “While it is an amazing way to depuff and help with facial contouring, it plays a far more critical role in our health. Before the beauty industry embraced it, its original purpose was to move extra fluid from swollen areas damaged by cancer treatment into a place where the lymph nodes work well. In addition, any form of massage that addresses healthy muscle and joint movements will help the lymphatic system.”

Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

“When you begin to massage your face daily, the immediate benefits of releasing the tension in your facial muscles and assisting in the lymphatic draining process are profound. A lymphatic facial massage can address stiff facial muscles that cause unhealthy blood flow and poor lymph circulation.” 

“When our tissues do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen, inadequate detoxification arises, which can cause breakouts, redness, dullness, puffiness, and drooping of the cheeks due to the weight of water retention. Massaging relieves the tension in our tissue and creates healthier blood flow and better lymphatic circulation. The result is more supple, chiseled, brighter, tighter skin with less redness. Elastin, like collagen, is a protein that helps the connective tissue retain its shape. Over time, we lose the amount of elastin and collagen in all of our connective tissue, but by increasing blood flow to the areas of our body experiencing this loss, we can rebuild it.”

Best At-Home Lymphatic Massage

“Being gentle is the mantra of any DIY massage. Gently massage your face daily, and don’t worry about being too perfect or technical about it. It’s simply about taking care of yourself and getting to know your face and where you hold tension. 

“Give yourself five minutes when you are taking a shower or in the bath to massage around the sinuses, eyes, and jaw, and visualize the tension being released. It doesn’t need to be lengthy; it simply needs to be consistent.”

What To Avoid

“The face has arteries, veins, and five major nerves affecting every possible facial movement. You can overstimulate your facial nerves and damage your veins by performing excessive and repetitive massage movements on the face. Remember, more massaging or more pressure does not equal better. A facial massage should never, ever be painful.”

Lymphatic Massage Tools

“If you are fortunate enough to have fully functioning hands, use hands first. Fingers have sensory memory that can tell you if your face is carrying more tension than yesterday. Your fingers can also tell if your skin is drier or more oily. Tools cannot do this.” 

Jade, Crystal, Glass, or Metallic Tools

“There are psychospiritual differences between using jade and rose quartz rollers compared to metal or glass. But the most important thing to pay attention to is how the tool lays on the skin and which style is most straightforward for you to use. Just remember not to press too hard and pair your tool with your go-to hydrator of choice, whether it’s a serum, oil, mask, or moisturizer, and have fun experimenting.” 


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