Tiktok has evolved from a hub to learn the latest dance craze and comedy snippets, to hosting a thriving beauty community in the recent last year.

With the goal of changing the way we do our makeup, there’s seriously no shortage of beauty tips, tricks, and advice videos on the video-sharing platform these days. And one, in particular, is causing quite a commotion. On November 8, Avonna Sunshine shared a video with her 70K followers asking if they’ve ever applied their foundation with (wait for it…) a facial roller. 


GAME CHANGER!!!! @Maybelline New York fit me 340 ♬ original sound – Avonna Sunshine

If you’re not familiar with the handy tool, a jade roller is a facial massager that has had a long history in Chinese culture making its appearance in the 17th century. Beauty writer, Jennifer Li informs ESSENCE that Jade was also a very valuable stone to Chinese culture. “It wasn’t just a luxury good reserved for nobility, but it was believed to have special spiritual and healing properties.”

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She continues, “Princesses, consorts, concubines, and other members of Chinese nobility used jade rollers to keep their skin youthful and firm, in order to gain the Emperor’s favor and power.” 

As it’s more widely used today, facial rolling is great for improving your skin’s circulation and helping with puffiness and lymphatic drainage. “I like using it for my cheeks and jaw when I notice I’ve been clenching my jaw a lot and just for general tension,” Li concludes about the beauty tool that can be made of quartz, amethyst, or steel.  

According to Sunshine, the jade roller helps to evenly distribute foundation to shrink pores, achieve a smoother and more full coverage finish which she suggests can’t be accomplished with a beauty sponge. 

Below, see videos of fellow TikTokers giving the hack a try:


#stitch with @avonnasunshine Jade rolling foundation, does it work? ♬ original sound – itsAm0re

Let us know if you’ll be trying the unconventional beauty hack and how it turns out!