Beauty Brands Giving Back To Those Affected By Coronavirus
Yubi Beauty

We are in uncertain times. And as things change from day to day (sometimes hour to hour) due to the spread of coronavirus, we are forced to pivot our routines. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the human resolve to pull together during times of trouble. And over the past several weeks, beauty brands have been at the forefront of giving back to those affected by this pandemic.

Between donating personal supplies to medical workers, donating a percentage of their sales to programs that help individuals, or converting beauty manufacturing facilities to make free sanitizer, they’ve been leading the charge. We value products that make us look good every day, but nothing is more fabulous than acts that make us feel good. It’s a beautiful thing to see the industry tap into its charitable side when it matters most.

Check out some of the brands that are giving back in different ways to those affected by the spread of the coronavirus.

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