AJ Crimson Passes Away
Courtesy of Getty Images

Yesterday evening, the unfortunate news of AJ Crimson passing away surfaced across social media timelines.

Crimson was a celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and the founder of AJ Crimson Beauty. He was one of the first makeup artists in the beauty industry that understood how to properly enhance the beauty for all shades of women. Crimson’s clients included stars like Lauren London, Missy Elliot, Regina King, Brandy, Angela Bassett and many more. Women across the world knew it was an honor to sit in Crimson’s chair. He made his magic touch accessible to everyone through his beauty line, AJ Crimson Beauty, which offers makeup and tools to complete a full face. His lipsticks in particular were known to be the best shades on the market for Black women.

Since the news has surfaced, celebrities and industry professionals that got the chance to work with Crimson have posted on social media and shared how Crimson’s kind spirit and impact is something they will always cherish and remember. 

The cause of death has not been confirmed yet, and Crimson’s actual age is also currently left unknown as his birthdate was not prior public knowledge. However, considering Crimson’s peers and the timeline of his career, he was most likely in his 30s.

We remember AJ Crimson today and forever as a legend in the beauty industry, and as someone who honored all women with his work. Rest in peace, King.