5 Things To Do Before Your Next Mani-Pedi, Facial Or Hair Appointment
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Businesses reopening their doors to the public has stirred up mixed emotions. Salons reopening, in particular, have me grappling with both fear and excitement.

The latter is mainly brought on by four months of DIY manicures and protective styles, while the former is due to the uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened safety concerns around receiving hands-on services, so I am apprehensive about getting my hair and nails done by a professional. And I know I’m not alone.

According to Jeff Alford, president of the CBON Group, Canada’s largest supplier of professional infection control products, there are protective measures we can take to reduce the risk of infection, and help us find solace when receiving beauty services.

Check out his safety tips below.

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Jennifer Ford is an ESSENCE associate beauty editor.

Advanced Awareness of Salon Policy Changes

Before you book an appointment, you should be aware of what measures your salon or spa are taking to keep you safe while in their care. Their website, social media channels or email notifications should be announcing changes in policy that might include required use of face masks, restrictions in services (like no hair drying), reduced (or extended) hours, no walk-ins, no waiting areas, no outside food or drinks, etc. Become familiar with those policies and make sure you’re comfortable with them before making a booking.

 Communicate with Your Professional Beauty Facility

You can ask if staff will be wearing masks, what additional cleaning and disinfection practices are in place and whether they are undertaking any screening measures (e.g. checking for flu-like symptoms, temperature taking or filling out forms). This knowledge will give you the confidence to continue with your booking or contemplate an alternative destination.

Before You Enter

Before entering your salon or spa, you should see notification of any changes communicated through signage or posted letters at the door or window. This will let you know that policies are being universally applied to everyone. Remember, the risk of infection does not just come from within the facility but also from other patrons.

Ask Your Professional Beauty Practitioner

You should be able to engage with your professional and have them address any health-related questions. Better still, he or she should start your appointment by letting you know what measures they have in place to keep you safe prior to the commencement of any treatment or service and conclude with “do you have any questions or concerns before we get started?.  If your facility is not doing this or is unable to respond to your infection prevention questions, how safe should you feel?

Inspect The Work Station

All points of client contact including work surfaces, chairs, treatment beds, etc. should be disinfected. If your salon or spa has fast client turnover that does not allow for proper sanitizing protocols to take place, you should be aware of the heightened exposure to infection you may be facing.


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