Watch #InMyFeed: Black Women Are Creating And Shifting The Culture

Black women are making unapologetic waves with their own talk shows!
Welcome to #InMyFeed, ESSENCE’s daily digital show that offers you a cheat sheet of the hottest topics already on your timeline. It’s pretty obvious that Black women run the world. We didn’t need Beyoncé to tell us that, but it was nice having one of the world’s biggest and best artists affirm within song what we know is true. It seems society is oftentimes forgetful of that fact. But our good sis, queen and Wakanda warrior Danai Gurira, had to remind everyone of our greatness as she took home the E!’s People’s Choice Action Movie Star of 2018 Award for her role as Okoye in Black Panther. The film broke barriers and proved that Black makes green, as it showcased predominantly Black talent and raked in over a $1 billion. Gurira shined on the big screen as a devoted fighter with beauty, brawn and sophistication. This award is well deserved, and upon accepting it, Danai shared, “Thank you for affirming that women and girls—when they are given the chance to hang with the boys—can hang with the best of them. Thank you.” Keeping that same winning energy, Black women outside of the cookie-cutter image are creating and shifting the culture right on our screens. From the digital platform to network television, there’s a whole new freshman class unapologetically bringing us what we deserve. ESSENCE sat down with three of those women—Nina Parker, Africa Miranda and Sylvia Obell—and got to know them and how they plan to shake up the entertainment industry. And of course, with great reward comes great responsibility. Even in praise, we have to constantly deal with criticism. No one knows this more than White House reporter April Ryan, who was recently called a “loser” by your president, Donald Trump. To which Ryan responded, “I’m a Black woman. Trump loves insulting people like me.” She ain’t never lied. Trump needs to keep Ryan’s name out of his mouth! Heavy is the crown of a Black woman, but at least there’s a crown. Check out these stories and more on #In My Feed. TOPICS: