‘RHOA’ Star Tanya Sam Says She’s Become ‘More Assertive’ After 2 Seasons

Anyone who’s tuned into The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that the hit series is full of drama. So, how do the ladies on the show handle all the chaos?

Tanya Sam, one of the stars of the Bravo hit series, stopped by ESSENCE last year, where she dished on dealing with the “big personalities” on the show.

“I went into this show as the most non-confrontational person ever,” Sam told ESSENCE. “Last season if someone yells at me I cry.”

Since then, however, Sam said she’s now ready to handle any potential bullies she may face during the season. It especially served her well, especially after last Sunday’s episode when co-star Kenya Moore accused her fiancé Paul Judge of cheating on her with some random “Cookie Lady”.

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“One of the beauties of this show is that I have become much more assertive as a female and I think it has served me very well in business and on the show,” Sam explained.

Sam, who also works in the tech industry, added that while she may not be the best “reader”or shade-thrower, the show has still allowed her to grow.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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