Sunday night was officially “Tanya Time” when Tanya Sam showed up to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in the ponytails that our hair dreams are made of. If you were about to go out that night, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star likely made you go back to your vanity and start your glam over.

The style, executed by the treasured hands of celebrity hairstylist Nicole Newland, more widely known as Nicky B. (and Nicky B. on Hair), included jumbo french braids accompanied by small cornrows that all came together into 3 layered larger than life ponytails. Newland even laced small leaves into the braids to tie the hairstyle together with Sam’s floral printed Gucci outfit.

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“I have been Insta-friends with Nicky B. on IG for a long time and was looking for a NY opportunity to have her do my hair,” she told ESSENCE. “So when WWHL came up it was perfect!”

Nicky B. is also the talent behind the magnificent ponytails in “Tail-Blazing” from ESSENCE’s latest issue (available on newsstands now). So when we laid eyes on Sam’s perfectly polished and creative hair, we suspected it was the work of the hair guru whose creations (or “hair art” as Sam refers to it) we’ve come to love.

“I have been experimenting with braid styles lately and knew I wanted something in that direction and let Nicky’s creative hands do the rest. I wanted fun and playful with colorful embellishments so we landed on tiny leaves,” Sam continued.

Topped off with makeup done by the illustrious Renee MadeULook, Sam has made it clear, in case anyone was mistaken, that she is still the baddest with her fashion and beauty looks. And as 2020 continues we can expect to see more creative styles like these from the beloved star. Ponytails were already trending for the year, but now we know we have to step up our details if we want to be on her level.

“I go through different waves of hair styles,” she finished. “I love a sew-in because its protects my hair from heat and allows me to experiment with different hair textures, lengths and styles. And I really love the convenience of braid styles these days.”


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