Besides Being Drop-Dead Gorgeous, How Did Sabrina Elba Land Idris?

"After I met Idris, I believe in love at first sight," Sabrina Elba tells ESSENCE.

It is no secret that all of us have a big old man crush on Idris Elba. His devastatingly handsome looks have left many of us clutching our pearls until our knuckles turn white.

So of course a man that fine wasn’t going to stay single long. The illustrious Sabrina Dhowre landed our man, got the ring and the last name. Feelings across the world were hurt, but we couldn’t help but root for the two of them because love is beautiful and we all deserve our Idris. Sis just got the original. *shivers*

The last time we talked to Elba, he shared that being married to Sabrina, he’s learned how to be a good assistant, which is what he thinks a good husband should be.

So when ESSENCE caught up with the sexy Elbas on the red carpet for the New York City Cats premiere, we just had to know: Sabrina Elba, how did you land Idris?

Sabrina laughed, motioned down her body and said, “Girl…I’m kidding!” She admits that it was love at first sight with Idris and honestly, duh!

Similar to Ciara’s (and/or Russell’s) prayer, Sabrina had to use something to get our Idris. She did. Check out the video above to see how Sabrina got Idris and what they both think about their marriage so far.