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[MUSIC] TV just fell in my lap. I was just Gina. The Deen brothers, Paula Deen's sons, said we'd like to offer you guys a show. You have great dynamic, you're high school sweethearts. You look good on TV, you're in love, it's all great. I was really afraid, honestly. I was just afraid to do it. I just kind of went with it. Probably edited more than you realized cuz that was really like crazy on the show but that was my personality. We get recipes and I tell stories and how people impacted my life then how these dishes kind of feed the soul. I never imagined, The show would go on. They were on for seven seasons. Down Home with the Neelys was the highest rated Food Network show in history. But the crazy part about it was I never wanted to do that show. I never wanted to live my life quite out loud like that. I found myself kinda trying to dim my light to make his light shine. And that's never a good thing. Where Are They Now? All new Saturdays 10/9 central. And on the Watch Own app, anytime, anywhere.
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