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What Do You Do Once You've Betrayed A Friend's Trust?

"You pray for forgiveness," Rashad tells ESSENCE.

By now, hopefully, you’ve seen Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace on Netflix. It’s proven itself as a thrill-ride with an incredible twist. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we don’t want to spoil it, so FYI there’s a spoiler alert here (coughs and looks at Phylicia Rashad).

In fact, Ms. Rashad sang, “spolier alert” when ESSENCE mentioned the themes of friendship and betrayal in A Fall From Grace that had a lot to do with Perry’s insane turn of events at the end.

We asked the cast to give us advice on handling a friendship where betrayal has severed the bond—specifically if you were the friend who did the betraying. Rashad considered the question fully before she responded.

“That would be devastating because I think you have to be very careful with one another,” Rashad said. “That would be devastating to know you’ve hurt someone. You pray for forgiveness.” And before moving on or moving past the moment, Rashad offered more advice.

“Look very carefully at what that moment was, what that misstep was—how did you miss like that? Where were you in that moment? Because I guess that is something that could happen to us, if we’re not in alignment,” she considered.

Her co-star, Bresha Webb agreed with an exuberant, “That part!”

Dealing with betrayal within a friendship is bigger than moving on from the moment. Rashad said, “How do you look at yourself? What do you think about to make sure that you don’t cross over into that ever again?”

Check out the video above to see how Rashad, Webb along with Tyler Perry and Crystal Fox handle and heal from betrayal in a friendship.


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