Elizabeth Warren’s Endorsement Wouldn’t Have Changed The Outcome
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On Tuesday morning, Bill de Blasio sounded Trumpian, naive and almost dangerous, while discussing the coronavirus on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Yet, somehow, that turned out not to be not the worst move for him on the day. It was what happened afterwards, and not to keep playing up the comparison, and took place on Twitter. 

I’m sure de Blasio does respect Warren, but this approach suggests that respect comes with many limitations. And are we sure about that about Sanders? Feels very generous and it’s not even Christmas in July time.

Still, de Blasio’s mindset and pleading tweets mirror the attitudes of many though in de Blasio’s case, his approach was more passive-aggressive than what we’ve seen from others. Warren appeared on SNL last weekend and you would have thought she said “F*ck your dreams for Medicare for All, I’m about to become an influencer and hawk waist trainers and face masks.”

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What is wrong with some of y’all? Tell me. I want to know. She can’t go on SNL and give her life after that brutal campaign? She can’t stunt on voters and say, “You could have had this, but best wishes with what you got?”

My immediate feeling is that Warren does not owe anyone a damn thing. And even if you like Bernie Sanders, as I happen to, do you all not recall the news report that said in a previous meeting between the two prior to each declaring their bids in 2020, Sanders told Warren that he felt a woman couldn’t win the presidency? Have we forgotten the subsequent exchange on the debate stage (both of them)? How can anyone forget the post-debate audio of Warren running up on Sanders to say, “I think you just called me a liar on national TV.”  

Judging from Rachel Maddow’s interview with Warren following the suspension of her campaign, Warren also continues to take issue with select Sanders supporters — and the campaign and candidate’s handling of them. I’m not sure enough consideration has been made in regard to how Warren might feel about all of this and if she would lend her name despite her personal feelings. Can’t imagine it helps that many Sanders supporters are cursing her smooth out across the internet for not bending the knee.

Some would counter all of this by noting as a public servant, Warren is obligated to put people before ego and ideology before self-interest and endorse the candidate she thinks is in the best position to advance her goals. I stand to agree with that in principle, but who is to say Warren’s reluctance one way or the other isn’t operating from principle? 

Regardless, as fate would have it, it turns out her endorsement wouldn’t have mattered much anyway. According to a survey conducted from March 5-7 by Morning Counsel, “940 Democratic primary voters were producers “with two scenarios — one where Warren endorses Biden and another where she endorses Sanders — and asked whom they would vote for if the primary or caucus were held in their state today.”

Humor me and hear Mannie Fresh holler “and then what?!” here.

“The poll found that a Warren endorsement for Sanders would boost his support among Democratic primary voters by just 2 percentage points, inside the sample’s 3-point margin of error. Similarly, a Warren endorsement for Biden would not add to his support at all.”

This is in contrast to findings in January, but the race was more fluid then. In sum, for all the craziness of select misguided and very much annoying supporters of Bernie Sanders, the fact is Warren’s endorsement wouldn’t have mattered much because the public has accepted that only an old white man can win and they have decided which two best fit the bill and are making their choices accordingly.

See the results of the most recent primary elections.

Liz was never going to be able to help Bernie win over the church Black ladies he needed to have a serious chance at the nomination, and from the data out there, the same can be said of the white women who liked Warren but made up their minds along with everyone else. However, even if the efforts to get Warren’s endorsement were understandable, coercion and cuss outs aren’t the way to win anyone over.

It’s the way to further turn everyone else off.

I like Bernie Sanders and believe in progressive policies, but it is ultimately on the candidate to make the case. As for the more aggressive supporters, I truly wish some would tuck in the misogyny, the entitlement, and the penchant to harass because these traits are in sync with the ideals of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the multiracial coalition it has amassed. But hopefully, this will serve as a lesson on how to not only to treat people better, but to also stop faulting others for the mistakes of others.


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