As far as many were concerned, Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign died the night Elizabeth Warren turned into Chun-Li and kicked the mess out of the former New York City mayor for two hours straight. Bloomberg was less terrible in his second debate appearance, but that’s akin to complimenting President Trump for managing to spell “too” correctly in a tweet on his second try. Proving money can buy you class and an enormous amount of airtime, but not necessarily the nomination if you can’t compete in the debate, Bloomberg’s poll numbers have since taken a tumble in the wake of folks realizing the man in the ads might not be able to hold his own without a paid crowd around.

(I’m not body rolling at my desk to the thought of this mega-billionaire blowing through half a billion dollars so far only to lose miserably, you are.)

Now, while it is not looking good for Richie Rich for Stop and Frisk, we can never count an incredibly wealthy, ambitious, power-hungry white man out. And as amusing as it was to hear pundits on Morning Joe introduce the idea of Bloomberg bowing out and throwing his support behind Joe Biden in order to thwart Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination for president the other day, Bloomberg has since officially killed such a dream.

Speaking with NBC News, Bloomberg said he will continue on into Super Tuesday and beyond, claiming  “as long as you have a chance of winning,” he would “absolutely” stay in the race.

“Why would I spend all of this money, all of this time out of my life, and wear and tear, you know, which I love — incidentally, (it) reminds me of my three campaigns in New York for mayor, which I did like,” Bloomberg said. 

Alright Black people under 40 (or maybe 45, depending), this is our moment.

I know it’s anecdotal, but I have been surveying Negroes at random about their elders and some of them somehow continue to believe that Bloomberg is Barack Obama’s very, very rich best friend. So much so that they are still considering voting for him. Beloveds, we cannot let this be. 

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It’s been made abundantly clear across the internet that Joe Biden is not my preference for the nomination and I continue to maintain they need to vote for a progressive candidate, but if old Black folks want to just vote for Barack’s lil’ friend, at least let it be his actual lil’ friend. So please let them know that Bloomberg did not really rock with Obama like that. Let them know that he doesn’t really fancy the man they may or may not have a picture of on their wall like that  — that there is even audio you can play for them to prove it.

There’s also his blocking of a multi-million dollar settlement filed on behalf of the Central Park Five over the group’s wrongful prosecution. Recently, one of those men, Kevin Richardson, said, “We all might vote for a different candidate, but I’m sure [any other Democrat] will be better than Michael Bloomberg.”

He added: “Don’t let these ads get to you. Don’t be bamboozled by this.”

Then, remind them that the reason why Elizabeth Warren chopped him up like the onions she’s going to use to bake her ribs twice is that he has a long list of sexism and sex discrimination complaints that he won’t completely answer for by virtue of him keeping all women that have settled suits in NDAs.

If all else fails, say the words “stop and frisk” over and over again until it sinks in that there is no way in hell you should vote for a man who terrorized Black men, Latinx men, and Muslims for years and defended until about 20 minutes before he decided to try and buy the presidency. 

And beg. For you. For me. For me again. Look, I can’t handle four more years of that man and then God knows how many more decades with his two stupid children. Get on Facebook if you have to. That’s how dire this situation is. 

I have faith in my folks, but again, he’s supervillain rich and the American is generally petrified. But please, tell your folks not to pick this loser, no matter how rich he is. Because what he’s done to so many of us can not merely be washed away by donations, or belated and politically beneficially apologies.

The arrogance of the Bloomberg candidacy has been aided and abetted by too many people in media, but his boasts of being the strongest person positioned to take on a budding tyrant have long been a crock. There are certain types of Democrats that go above and beyond to bolster a Republican, but this has gone on far enough.

And if none of the reasons I outlined are convincing enough, do yourself a favor and once again compare all of that money Bloomberg has spent to sanitize his record and blind people to his true legacy and how it stacked up against a teacher.


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