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Weekend Motivation: What's Stopping You From Exercising Today?

What's stopping you from working out? Remove all roadblocks and start exercising today!
For the longest time, it was so hard for me to exercise. You may have the same challenge. Excuses came so easily to me. But one day, more than 10 years ago, I flipped the switch and started exercising and I haven’t stopped.  I’m no Jillian Michaels or Donna Joyner. My goal is to do a little bit every week. But here’s how I did it, and you can too:

I removed the roadblocks. I listened to my excuses and came up with small but real solutions.

In the morning I would spend 20 minutes getting my workout clothes together. By the time I found my sneakers I had to get ready for work. Forget working out. NOW I PUT MY WORKOUT CLOTHES NEXT TO MY BED and have one shelf in my armoire just for my gear.

My workout gear looked really ratty — a stained T-shirt and whatever pants I could find. I couldn’t wear THAT to the gym. What if someone saw me? My bra was uncomfortable. I BOUGHT A WORKOUT BRA, SOME RUNNING PANTS AND T-SHIRTS. I can run errands in these clothes and then workout.

I felt light-headed when I tried to work out. I hate running. NOW I DRINK SOME WATER BEFORE and I dance, walk or do yoga. All things I like to do.

And the big one we all share: I don’t have time to work out. I’LL WORK OUT FOR 5 MINUTES.

My point is: Get rid of what is coming between you and taking care of yourself. Many women who manage to exercise regularly have a buddy. They go on an exercise date or work out with their lover. When I go out to walk in my neighborhood some women are alone and many walk or run with other women.

Exercise has been shown to help maintain your weight, lower your stress level, increase your positive feelings, lower your blood pressure, increase your energy, increase your strength, delay Alzheimer’s, increase your mental clarity and improve your sex life.

It’s not a miracle, but you can come close to one if you start exercising this weekend.