Ever notice how your favorite song makes you feel?

You’re up, you’re energetic, and you’re in a groove. You want to move. You may even smile when you hear it.

The reverse is also true. Music, even a song you like, can bring you down. We don’t think about this enough. Certain songs or types of music make our pain worse.
Become more aware of how you can use music to help control your mood.

When we are in the middle of a distressing life event – a breakup, a job loss –  a heartbreak hotel, bleeding-heart song is NOT what we need. Yet, we do it all the time. The song comes on the radio and the next thing we know we want to eat a tub of ice cream or we burst into tears. Cut it off: don’t listen.

If you’re dealing with some issues this weekend and you’re feeling a bit down, listen to some uplifting tunes.

If you are already feeling pretty happy, stay that way by choosing to listen to music that pumps you up or music that soothes your soul. Sometimes there are no words. It’s just you and the sound.

The right music allays your stress. Music has been shown to lower your blood pressure and slow your breathing.

And if you want to get pumped up, it can do that too. Athletes often listen to music before and important competition. It energizes them and boosts their courage. Put music on at work to help you think more clearly and diffuse tension.

Make your playlist lift your life.