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Weekend Motivation: Are You Solution Oriented or Problem Oriented?

It's time to do a self-check and see what's been bothering you. Find a solution and stick with it.
People who are problem oriented tend to be pessimistic, unproductive and angry. We have all been there at some time or another.

But be careful of making it a way of life.

This weekend do a self-check. Consider if there is a recurring problem in your life, something or someone that’s bothering you. Are you stuck on an issue that doesn’t seem to be getting better? It’s a good idea to think of four things that would make you feel better about the situation.

Then try to implement at least two of them. Make sure that it’s something in your power. In other words, don’t say I’ll feel better if he calls me. You can’t control that. But you can decide to read an affirmation or volunteer to help at your local library or church.  

Focusing on the problem instead of the solution will make you frustrated and emotional. When you start to think about solutions, you see more options and you feel more empowered.